The Austin Shaker is a locally owned retail liquor store specializing in spirits, craft beer, fine wine, and professional bar gear for working bartenders.
Owned and operated by veteran bartenders, we pride ourselves on our curated selection while maintaining the feel of a neighborhood store.Come in to grab your favorite beverage or learn how to make that great cocktail you had the other night.Check out our tastings calendar for events, sign-up for our email list to be the first to know about special releases, and tell us what you’d like to see at the store (we’ll do our best to accommodate).

Bars and restaurants – we are a licensed local distributor and can handle all of your wholesale needs at competitive prices. If you need something last minute or want to track down a hard to find item we are here for you.

Dave & Kiki

Meet the People

Eric is the Shaker’s first ever employee and has proven to be the best hire we could’ve made. David and I were most impressed by the project he did to acquire his Eagle Scout award…he hand-knitted a sweater that wrapped around an entire orphanage in Dallas! Eric is the guy that owns the sweet 1983 red Datsun in the parking lot and is rocking the rat tail to go with it. We guarantee he drinks more wine then you do and that is why we have him as our wine buyer and manager.

Ben would rather be playing guitar. Hailing from the great state of West Virginia, Ben is a pretty awesome handyman. He can build you a bookshelf and talk to you about Mezcal while doing it. Ben, most notably, once beat Eddie Vedder in a thumb wrestling contest (and may have started the down fall of Pearl Jam). Ben is a great addition to the team and always has a welcoming smile for everyone (see picture).

Christian has been living on the Eastside of Austin since 1989 and is affectionately known as “Whiskey” around the neighborhood. He is a walking encyclopedia of classic punk culture as well as a never-ending source of bizarre references. Christian once skinned a goat with Johnny Rotten. In every business, someone has to pay attention to the day to day details and Christian is our guy – without him we’d all be screwed…he wants ya’ll to know…he’s got a pair of boots that have been to eleven different countries.

Adam’s biography has been redacted. However, what you should know, Adam knows a lot about beer and R(h)um.

Kiki is the force behind the synergy of the Shaker. She just wants everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in the shop.

David just wants to talk about booze all day every day. Lucky for all of us he knows a lot about everything! With 20+ years in the industry managing cocktail bars, training new bartenders and creating drinks there is really no question he can’t answer.